Sri Lanka’s National Security Media Center Hacked, Data Leaked

The hacker Game Over has defaced the site that provides defense-related information

The official website of Sri Lanka’s National Security Media Center, a website that provides national security and defense-related information to the media and the public, has been hacked and defaced by the hacker known as Game Over.

According to HackRead, the hacker has not only defaced the site, but he has also leaked hundreds of login credentials belonging to the National Security Media Center’s users.

Currently, the defacement page has been removed from the site, visitors being presented with a message that says the site is under maintenance.

Earlier this week, Game Over hacked a couple of police websites as part of a campaign dubbed OpSlaughterHouse.

His targets were the sites of Pakistan’s District Police Okara and PoliceOne, an online resource dedicated to police departments and law enforcement agencies.

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