Sprint Goes Official with Windows Phone 8 Launch Plans

It will launch two handsets (from Samsung and HTC) in summer

Today, wireless carrier Sprint has officially unveiled plans to add Windows Phone 8 devices to its lineup, announcing that two of them would arrive from Samsung and HTC.

Furthermore, the wireless operator confirmed that both devices would provide support for its 3G and 4G LTE networks, so as to enable users to enjoy fast web browsing while on the go.

These handsets should become available for purchase in summer, but the company did not offer specific info on their availability for the time being, or on the price tag that they might feature when released.

The carrier did say that these phones would offer increased performance capabilities courtesy of dual-core processors, so that users can enjoy fast switching between applications.

Furthermore, Sprint confirmed that both smartphones would arrive with both back and front cameras, and that they would offer support for expandable external memory.

“Sprint has had a strong relationship with Microsoft for many years so we are excited to reinforce our commitment to the Windows 8 platform by sharing the details and timing for our first Windows Phone 8 smartphones,” said Fared Adib, Sprint senior vice president, product development and operations.

“These smartphones combine a robust new operating platform with the benefit of Sprint’s unlimited data plans. There is no doubt these phones will quickly become an extension of your PC experience right in the palm of your hand.”

Sprint also promises a great experience courtesy of the Windows Phone 8 platform loaded on these devices, which will offer a more personal approach to the use of smartphones.

Sprint’s Windows Phone 8 devices will also offer seamless compatibility with Windows 8 PCs, Microsoft Surface devices and the Xbox 360 console, while also landing on shelves with the same built-in SkyDrive cloud service that other similar devices are already featuring.

“We’re looking forward to bringing two new Windows Phone 8 devices by Samsung and HTC to market with Sprint this summer, adding to our strong Windows Phone 8 portfolio,” said Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division.

“These devices, coupled with Sprint’s unlimited 4G LTE data experience, will make it easy for Windows Phone 8 customers to have the most personal smartphone experience possible, wherever they are.”

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