Spotlight: Wooden Earphones Deliver Both Sound Quality and Environmental Protection

The Woodbuds are made solely from sustainable plantation hardwood and bioplastic

Music is part and parcel of numerous people's daily routine, and those wishing to keep a close eye on environmental protection while indulging in this habit can now do so with the help of some very good-looking wooden earphones.

The people who have designed and manufactured these earphones refer to them as Woodbuds, seeing how the materials used when making them were basically sustainable plantation hardwood and bioplastic.

Furthermore, it looks like the company marketing them has agreed to both plant a tree for every 100 pairs of Woodbuds that it manages to sell, and donate 1% of their overall income to green-oriented organizations.

“Available in five bold colours, our distinctive woodbud design combines superior sound quality, premium comfort, with a small carbon footprint,” the manufacturers explain.

Learn more about the Woodbuds (and perhaps even order a pair) on the company's website here.

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