Spotlight: WW II Fabric Used to Make Furniture

Stephen Kenn's pieces of furniture are all unique, well worth their price tag

As one can easily imagine, the fabrics used by the soldiers fighting in WW II had to be tough if they were to resist battlefield conditions.

Because of this, they are still functional, despite the fact that many years have passed since the war came to an end.

While some look at these fabrics as antiques, and would very much like to see them in a museum, furniture designer Stephen Kenn decided to use them to manufacture his so-called Inheritance Collection.

Inhabitat reports that, in order to make these innovative pieces of furniture, Stephen Kenn also had to make use of steel welded frames, webbing belts and leather straps.

Although prices range from $450 - $5000 (roughly €330 - €3680), Stephen Kenn's WW II-inspired furniture is one of a kind, and therefore well worth the money.

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