Spotlight: The ELF EV Is a Solar and Pedal Powered Hybrid – Video

This is the cleanest, most efficient vehicle in the world, manufacturers claim

A new Kickstarter campaign is now asking people to help jump-start the large-scale manufacturing of the ELF electric vehicle, which is basically a solar and pedal powered hybrid.

Its manufacturers claim that this innovative three-wheeler is basically “the cleanest, most efficient vehicle on the planet.”

It is their belief that the ELF will appeal to both greenheads, who feel guilty every time they are left with no choice except resort to a means of transportation that requires burning fossil fuels, and to those who are first and foremost concerned about how much money they spend on gas on a regular basis.

Although it might take a while before one even considers the possibility of touring Europe in this vehicle, the people behind this project claim that the ELF can successfully meet all local transportation needs such as commuting and delivering various goods.

Interestingly enough, the ELF is listed as a bicycle in as many as 50 states.

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