Spotlight: Sweating Buildings Could Set a New Trend in Green Architecture

Just like people, such buildings sweat in order to cool off

It is a well-known fact that, whenever temperatures get high enough, a person's organism begins to sweat in order to cool off.

Interestingly enough, a team of researchers from ETH Zurich has recently decided that it may not be such a bad idea if the buildings we live and work in could do the same.

The idea is quite simple and environmentally friendly: if a building can sweat in order to cool off, this basically means that air conditioning units are rendered obsolete.

Since AC installations burn a lot of energy, no longer having to use them can only have positive effects on the environment and on electricity bills.

Sources explain that a synthetic mat developed by these researchers absorbs water whenever it happens to rain, and releases it when indoor and outdoor temperatures begin to rise, thus cooling the building.

For the time being, the researchers are busy perfecting this technology, and it might not be very long before the first sweaty building gets built.

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