Spotlight: Stunning Steampunk Collages Are Made from Electronic Waste Alone

Dead moths, pieces of fabric, buttons and paints also made their way into the design

The image above shows a steampunk collage made by a Polish artist named Finnabair (or Anna Dabrowska, if you prefer).

In case anyone was wondering, my writing about it has everything to do with the fact that the materials used to make it are all recycled ones.

Thus, Finnabair mainly relied on electronic waste when creating this collage. However, she did not shy away from also incorporating items such as dead moths, pieces of fabric, buttons and paints.

According to Tree Hugger, Anna Dabrowska debuted as an artist back in 2007, yet only became a mixed media enthusiast a couple of years later.

“I love texture and believe in power of recycling and upcycling. I just adore flea market supplies,” the artist recently commented with respect to her choice of materials.

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