Spotlight: Stunning Portraits Are Made from Sand and Seashells Alone

Ukrainian artist relies on nothing but natural materials when making her mosaics

Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko spent her entire childhood close to the Back Sea, in Yalta, hence her decision to make stunning mosaics using nothing but natural materials such as sand, seashells, tree roots and tree bark.

Despite her choice of materials, the result is strikingly similar to a painting, as seen in the picture above.

This Ukrainian artist mainly focuses on human portraits, yet animals such as horses and lions have also captured her attention.

Some of Svetlana Ivanchenko's mosaics have been presented in international art galleries, and there are quite a lot of wealthy people and collectors who can now take pride in owning one such artwork.

Oddity Central explains that the seashells, the sand and the other materials used when making these mosaics are placed on the canvas by hand, and that the artist refuses to add any coloring to her work.

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