Spotlight: Researchers Use Lightning to Recycle Concrete Debris

Lightning can successfully be used to break down concrete, make it reusable

Scientists working with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics now claim that they figured out a way to use lighting in order to facilitate the recycling of concrete debris.

As they explain, recycling concrete is a very tricky thing to do, and up until their using lighting to break it down into its most basic components, the only thing that could have been done was to smash it up and use it as a base layer when building roads and/or foundations.

Inhabitat explains that the technology developed by these researchers involves “hitting” concrete with short pulses of induced lighting. Apparently, this helps separate the gravel from the cement materials.

It is to be expected that, within two years' time, this method will be possible for various industries to recycle roughly 20 tonnes of concrete per hour.

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