Spotlight: Man Uses Junk to Build 29-Foot-Long Limousine

The vehicle took about 10 years to build, but it is well worth the trouble

A 72-year-old chauffeur from Finland is now the proud owner of a 29-foot-long (roughly 5.8 meters) limousine that he built in ten years’ time by piecing together parts taken from various other vehicles.

Antti Rahko, the man who made this car, explains that when he first began work on this project, he merely joined two Mercedes Benz wagon stations.

Later on, he added parts taken from a 1962 Chrysler Imperial. As time went by, components coming from other types of vehicles also made their way into his design. The vehicle can sit as many as ten people.

According to Oddity Central, the car has thus far won two prizes at the Art Car Parade competition in Houston. Needless to say, some would argue that this limousine takes the idea of recycling to a whole new level.

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