Spotlight: Man Spends 30 Years Planting an Entire Forest, Wants to Do It All Over Again

Jadav Payeng says he is willing to spend another three decades planting trees

One Indian farmer named Jadav Payeng proved his commitment to the environment by planting a 1,360-acre forest all by himself.

Granted, it took him about 30 years to complete this project, yet it appears that the satisfaction this Indian farmer got was so great that he is now thinking about going through the conundrum all over again.

Long story short, Tree Hugger informs us that this man is getting ready to plant yet another forest in India's Assam region, and that he is willing to dedicate three more decades of his life to seeing this second green-oriented project through.

“It may take another 30 years but I am optimistic about it. I feel sad when I see people felling trees. We have to save the nature or else we all will perish,” Payeng reportedly told members of the press.

“My efforts haven’t gone in vain. I may live a very lowly life but I feel satisfied that I have been able to stir up a lot of people who love nature,” he later added.

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