Spotlight: Lion Rescued After Spending 3 Years with a Snare Caught Around Its Neck

Despite extensive injuries, the big cat is expected to make a full recovery

Earlier this year, a team of rangers in charge of looking after the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania managed to rescue a young lion which got caught in a snare back in 2009 and which spent the last three years walking around with this trap tightening around its neck.

Apparently, the young lion only managed to survive because its brothers and sisters agreed to share their food with it.

Otherwise, it would have died shortly after getting caught in the snare, seeing how its injuries kept it from hunting, sources explain.

As the picture above shows, the lion is now doing quite well and there are few who doubt that it will eventually make a full recovery.

The rangers who helped rescue it intend to keep a close eye on this lion and make sure it does not get itself into any new trouble.

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