Spotlight: Levitating Luminescent Spheres Help Clean the Air

These balls need only be allowed to float about the room, improve on air quality

This year's Electrolux Design Lab competition was won by a Polish student named Jan Ankiersztajn who designed and manufactured several luminescent balls, which can supposedly filter and clean the air in a room simply by being allowed to float by.

These so-called Aeroballs use helium in order to keep their lightness and float over the furniture, and once this energy resource is gone, they simply drift towards the floor and wait to be recharged.

“This year's winning concept Aeroball is a truly innovative concept that uses space in a unique way and delights our surroundings,” said Thomas Johansson, the design director at Electrolux and the head of the jury.

Furthermore, “It also changes our perception of an air cleaner, because it is delicate in aesthetics, it is emotional and also relevant, because it addresses the consumer’s needs.”

Down below you have a video showing how the Aeroballs work.

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