Spotlight: Laser Knife Concept to Cut Fruits and Vegetables

The resulting slices would be as small as one millimeter

Human society might have evolved a lot over the years, yet kitchen knives are still found in virtually all households, more often than not alongside state-of-the-art newly developed technologies.

However, thanks to the “Innovative Laser Device for Cutting Off Foodstuff,” knives might soon be a thing of the past.

Andrey Kokorin, the man behind this project, explains that this concept device encompasses rotating rings, electromagnets and microprocessors and can cut fruits and vegetables into slices as small as one millimeter.

Given the fact that kitchen knives are supposedly unsanitary, Andrey Kokorin believes his laser devices would provide people with a safer way to chop, cut, slice and dice food.

Not to mention the fact that this device is fairly quiet, so one need not worry about making too much noise when cooking the next meal.

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