Spotlight: Innovative Home Is Basically a Cube Attached to a Tricycle

The Bao House would be ideal for fans of mobile living

Supposing one greenhead wakes up one day and decides that he/she wants to travel the world, and that buying or renting a car in order to do so is simply out of the question because this means polluting the environment.

In that case, the Bao House might just do the trick. This innovative mobile home is basically a cube attached to the back of a bicycle.

The bike is in charge of taking you places, whereas the cube is meant to provide you with a shelter once you get to your destination.

Dezeen explains that the cube is made from SPF (spray polyurethane foam) injected into a timber and fabric mold.

The Bao House is fully capable of accommodating as many as three people, who can sleep on a mattress placed on the floor.

This mobile home was created for and revealed during the Get It Louder 2012 exhibition, which took place in Beijing.

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