Spotlight: Indoor Lawn Helps Cornell Students Relax

The lawn was installed in the middle of Olin Library, encourages positive thinking

Exams can sometimes be quite stressful, and there any many who would much rather go for a walk in the park than sit around in a library and study all day long.

However, those bettering their education at Cornell University can now take pride in the fact that their Olin Library comes fully equipped with an indoor lawn, Tree Hugger reports.

A sign found next to this patch of greenery reads as follows: “Yes, it’s real grass. Yes, you can sit, lay down and roll around on the grass, but please don’t stomp on it.”

Furthermore, “The grass is part of the exhibit. Various professors in Human Ecology have done research on the restorative benefits of nature. Instead of telling you about this, we decided to show you. So sit, relax, lay down, and enjoy the grass!”

The idea is noteworthy, to say the least, and hopefully, other institutions will agree to give it a try in the not so distant future.

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