Spotlight: Homeless People Redecorate Camper Shop in Barcelona

The shop's interior is made almost entirely out of recycled materials

Only recently, international shoe company Camper decided to redecorate one of its shops in Barcelona.

This might not sound like a very big deal for people who are not really all that into fashion, but this shop has every chance of standing out, simply because its new interior was designed and built by homeless people.

Moreover, almost all of the materials used in order to breathe new life into this shoe store are recycled ones.

According to Tree Hugger, some of these recycled materials are old pieces of furniture the people involved in this project have managed to find on the streets of Barcelona. Others are simply discarded items such as old signboards, shoelaces and cloth offcuts.

“This special project was established to explore ways of giving disadvantaged people new opportunities to feel useful and creatively alive,” the company commented with respect to this project.

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