Spotlight: German Town Bids the Grid Farewell, Embraces Renewables

The town of Feldheim is 100% energy independent, and quite proud of it

Just in case there are still some who doubt the fact that renewables can successfully meet a human community's energy requirements, it must be said that one town in Germany is proof enough that going green makes sense both financially- and environmentally-wise.

According to Tree Hugger, the town of Feldheim is now 100% energy independent, meaning that its residents have succeeded in letting go of their dependence on the national grid and in harvesting renewables for the sole purpose of meeting their own energy demands.

For the time being, this German town is home to roughly 150 individuals, who rely on a total 47 windmills in order to get the electricity they need on a daily basis.

Besides these windmills, the town gets its energy demands met with the help of solar panels, which have been installed just outside its limits.

Due to the fact that the grid providing for Feldheim has been built using money given by the town's inhabitants, the latter got the chance to decide how much they wanted to spend on electricity.

Thus, it seems that their electricity bills are usually 30% below the national average.

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