Spotlight: Flower Pot Also Serves as a Mini Grill

Manufacturers say the Hot-Pot BBQ can grow and cook your next meal

When it comes to green living and pushing for sustainability, it is quite important that, rather than manufacturing countless items, each of which only serves one purpose, we turn towards the idea of having one item perform several tasks.

This is precisely what the Hot-Pot BBQ does: it helps you grow your organic and healthy dinner, and then it lets you grill it.

Mashable explains that this BBQ is basically a terracotta pot broken down into two layers: the top one serves as home for the plants, and the one at the basis is the grill.

Thanks to its ceramic coating, one needn't worry about burning their fingers when cooking.

Truth be told, this BBQ might not help much if one is expecting a lot of friends over for dinner, but the idea is noteworthy nonetheless.

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