Spotlight: Floating Eco-Hotel Lets You Travel Along the Amazon

The hotel pushes for environment protection, promises a most luxurious cruise

Those wishing to explore the Amazon River can now do so (and make sure they have an environmentally-friendly vacation) by making reservations for Aqua Expeditions' Floating eco-hotel.

Thanks to Jordi Puig, the Peruvian architect who came up with the design for this innovative resort, the hotel can both provide tourists with an enjoyable vacation and keep a close eye on environmental protection by constantly monitoring and cutting down on its ecological footprint.

Inhabitat explains that this floating hotel can accommodate up to 32 guests (2 in each of its 16 rooms), and that a lush lounge, an exercise room and an outdoor Jacuzzi also made their way into its design.

Because it is environmentally-friendly, this floating hotel also helps communities Pacaya Samiria National Reserve by making sure the tourists visiting these regions do not negatively impact on local ecosystems.

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