Spotlight: Dissected Watches Are Turned Into Mechanical Insects

Jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates uses old watch parts, light bulbs to make sculptures

If you are a greenhead and find that you no longer want or need your old watch, there is no need to throw it into the trash as its component parts can quite easily be collected, recycled and turned into pleasantly-weird sculptures.

Provided, of course, that you also happen to have one or two old light bulbs lying around, and that you are a jeweler named Justin Gershenson-Gates.

Inhabitat reports that this artist came up with the idea of turning watches into mechanical insects while toying with the idea of simply dissecting these time-telling instruments.

Once he figured out the fact that their insides were perfectly suitable to be used as raw material when making art, he decided to also incorporate some old light bulbs in his designs and start manufacturing what many called “inventive, quirky sculptures.”

They might look a bit scary, but these mechanical insects really do give the whole idea of recycling a very interesting twist.

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