Spotlight: Designer Takes to Growing Plants Upside Down

Growing plants on the ceiling is one wacky idea, people say

Indoor gardens are not all that easy to keep, particularly if one happens to have a rather tiny apartment.

However, those wishing to grow some patches of greenery can now easily do so by making the most out of an area that more often than not fails to get the attention it deserves: the ceiling.

Daily Mail reports that, in order to grow plants upside down, i.e. make them hang from the ceiling, British designer Patrick Morris had to create special herb pots, which would seal the water and the dirt inside them, and only allow the plants to push through.

In case anyone was wondering how those owning such pots can look after their plants, it looks like all one has to do is pour some water into a ceramic water holder once every two weeks.

This is because said ceramic water holder will make sure that the plant will only get the water it needs when it needs it.

Besides accommodating decorative plants, these pots can also serve as a home for strawberries, fennel, mint and the like.

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