Spotlight: Culinary Misfits Sees the “Inner Beauty” of Ugly Vegetables

Quasimodo-like carrots and turnips finally get the appreciation they deserve

A new German catering named Culinary Misfits basically deals with cooking and serving fruits and vegetables that would otherwise end up in the trash, simply because they do not abide by run-off-the-mill beauty standards.

To cut a long story short, fruits and vegetables that display various imperfections are as tasty and as nutritious as their more good-looking brothers and sisters, and ditching them on account of physical appearance is a blameworthy thing to do.

More so given the fact that specialists keep raising concerns about a potential global food crisis, and not wasting food should be a top priority.

Sources say that, as far as the people in charge of running this German catering service are concerned, these Quasimodo-like fruits and vegetables are simply “wonderfully weird” and can be used to make eye-catching dishes.

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