Spotlight: Creative Agency Turns Cars Into Bicycles

Lola Madrid uses car parts to manufacture unique bikes

When it comes to promoting sustainability and green transportation, the idea of using car parts to manufacture bicycles is likely to truly stand out amongst other such green-oriented initiatives.

Therefore, all hail to Lola Madrid, a Spanish creative agency whose members are now busy turning cars into bicycles.

Do the Green Thing explains that, because of the raw materials they use, each and every one of the bicycles manufactured by this creative agency is quite unique.

For the most part, whatever metal can be collected from a car's body is used to manufacture the bike's frame.

Furthermore, the transmission belt is made to function as a chain, and the signals can quite easily be turned into reflectors.

According to the same source, even the saddle and the handlebars are made with the help of car seat fabric.

For the time being, these bikes are not made available for purchase. However, feel free to check out the official website for this project and perhaps even pre-order one.

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