Spotlight: Chocolate-Flavored Toothpaste Promises to Revolutionize Oral Care

The toothpaste is made from a chemical compound found in chocolate

More often than not, kids prove to be a tad reluctant about giving oral care the attention it deserves.

However, an innovative toothpaste named Theodent aims to tackle this issue by making it possible for children to strengthen their teeth and regenerate their enamel while delighting their taste buds.

To cut a long story short, Theodent Kids tastes like chocolate, and is even made with the help of a chemical compound found in this incredibly tasty treat.

As explained by Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto, the aforementioned chemical compound is known to the scientific community as Theobromine, and can pretty much work wonders when it comes to improving on one's smile.

According to The Inquisitr, Doctor Tetsuo Nakamoto’s exact statements on the matter at hand were as follows:

“Fluoride has been the gold standard in oral care for 100 years. There hasn’t been any substance to challenge fluoride in a century. That’s crazy. In all other aspects of technology, you constantly see innovation, a new iPhone every two to three years, but in toothpaste it’s been the same.”

In other words, it was high time for somebody to figure out a way of changing the composition of toothpaste.

Presently, chocolate-flavored Theodent Kids, together with other chocolate-based toothpastes, is made available for purchase at select Whole Foods stores and online.

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