Spotlight: Chevy Volt Parts Are Used to Make Christmas Tree

GM's British subsidiary takes recycling to a whole new level

While most people opt for either cutting down a tree, or simply buying a fake one, General Motor's British subsidiary saw fit to celebrate both the winter holidays and green-oriented behavior by means of a Christmas tree made from parts taken from a Chevrolet Volt.

In order to make sure the tree ended up looking like a tree and not like some sort of a weird Transformer, the parts taken from the Chevrolet Volt had to be remodeled.

Sources explain that this environmentally friendly Christmas tree was designed and manufactured by artist Gary Card. Those wishing to admire it up close can do so by visiting Kings Cross Filling Station.

Apparently, it is there where the tree will be on display until next year.

Interestingly enough, the LED lights mounted on this Christmas tree get their electricity from a Chevy Volt parked right next to it.

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