Spotlight: Bladeless Wind Turbines Are Twice As Efficient As Conventional Ones

The Saphonian wind turbine is also 45% cheaper to manufacture

This past Saturday, we reported on how Stephen Colbert drew attention to a terrifying medical condition known as the “wind turbine syndrome.”

Although it may be true that some people simply overreact when it comes to the dangers posed to public health and wildlife by wind farms, the fact remains that rotational wind turbines are quite noisy and do kill numerous birds that happen to be flying in their proximity.

Apparently, a Tunisian startup known as Saphon Energy has succeeded in coming up with a solution for these problems: their bladeless wind turbines (the Saphonians) look very much like a plate, and supposedly do not cause any noise pollution.

As well as this, manufacturers claim that they are twice as efficient as conventional ones, not to mention the fact that manufacturing costs are 45% lower.

More information about these bladeless wind turbines is made available to you in the video below.

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