Spotlight: Biodegradable Toothbrush Is Made from Bamboo and Nylon Bristles

The Bogobrush is meant to raise social and environmental awareness

The Bogobrush is a biodegradable toothbrush, made from bamboo and nylon bristles, which doubles as a means to raise both social and environmental awareness.

This is because every time somebody agrees to buy one of these toothbrushes, another is given to one of the 80,000 million people in the US who are presently suffering from poor access to dental care.

“When you buy a Bogobrush, we send the same high quality brush to you and to someone in need so you both can enjoy a beautiful toothbrush every morning and every night,” reads the official website for the Bogobrush.

Pre-ordering such a toothbrush costs $10 (€7.66), yet those who believe they would get along well with it can buy a year's subscription which costs $40 (€30.67).

Doing this also saves you some money, seeing how said subscription means that every three months a new Bogobrush will be delivered to your home (and another one will be donated).

“Our pre-order goal of 10,000 Bogobrushes is a small, but important first step toward reducing the number of Americans who lack access to care,” the people behind this project explain.

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