Spotlight: Bio Furniture Is Made from Dirt and Agricultural Waste

Designer Adital Ela says her furniture is as green as it gets

For quite some time now, a designer named Adital Ela has been keeping herself entertained by manufacturing pieces of furniture whose ecological footprint is pretty much nonexistent.

This is because, as one can easily notice just by looking at the stools in the picture above, her furniture is made from compressed earth and agricultural waste.

“Terra stools are made from earth and natural fibers in a unique compression process that was developed based on a long term study of materials and of ancient building methods,” the designer explains.

As Inhabitat points out, this means that they are 100% organic and cause no damage to the environment when their owner becomes tired of them and decides to throw them away.

Adital Ela also wishes to draw attention to the fact that, unlike other stools, chairs, cupboards and the like, her furniture can be manufactured using local and easy-to-come-by resources.

In other words, they also help promote sustainable development.

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