Spotlight: Beer-Based Paintings Are Meant to Save Endangered Species

When painting, artist Ron Pomeroy mixes colors with beer instead of water

As of recently, artist Ron Pomeroy has decided that, as far as he is concerned, beer trumps water, especially when it comes to painting.

Thus, this greenhead started mixing his watercolors with beer. The result: a series of beer-based paintings.

Some might wonder how this does anything to help the environment, especially given the fact that the process of manufacturing and marketing beer has a significant ecological footprint.

Still, as Tree Hugger reports, Ron Pomeroy first and foremost paints various endangered species, and some of the money he manages to grab hold of while expressing his artistic side in this innovative manner goes into conservation projects.

“My art attempts to convey respect for animals while also providing a whimsical, imaginative view of them, often satirical but hopefully in good humor,” the artist explains.

You can check out Ron Pomeroy's artworks here.

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