Spotlight: Artists Turn Spray Cans Into Urban Trees, Flowers

The people at CANLOVE use recycled spray cans to make botanical art

When it comes to graffiti, most people work on the assumption that, once the task of decorating the side of a building is done with, the spray cans are simply left lying around.

Needless to say, this means that they usually end up in landfills.

Still, the people at CANLOVE have decided to use empty spray cans in order to make urban trees and flowers that prove that graffiti is first and foremost intended to “embellish” the world, and not harm it in any way.

“Many think that when the can stops spraying its job is over – that it can be kicked to the curb and left behind. Surprisingly, even after these metallic spray soldiers have emptied they still have so much to offer,” CANLOVE explains.

Furthermore, “We make it our jobs to unlock their latent potential.”

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