Spotlight: Artist Turns Deceased People's Belongings Into Stools

Clothes, furniture and household products all make their way into his designs

A Dutch artist named Joost Gehem recently decided that, rather than browsing through tons of trash to find the raw materials he needed in order to carry out his projects, it would be best to collect various items that used to belong to now deceased individuals.

This led to his setting the basis for a stool series made entirely from dead people's belongings, Inhabitat explains.

Apparently, Joost Gehem is not very picky when it comes to selecting what he is going to use when creating his designs. Thus, old clothes, furniture and common household products all made their way into his stools.

Truth be told, he grinds them prior to compressing them into a new shape, so it really isn't that big of a surprise that he can make use of most of the items people leave behind when they go.

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