Spotlight: Artist Decorates Discarded Objects with Disturbingly Realistic Natural Forms

Maskull Lasserre pays great attention to the details of his work

The carving in the picture above is the work of Maskull Lasserre, an artist who seems to take pleasure in finding various discarded objects and bringing them back to life by decorating them with various natural forms.

As one can easily notice, this Montreal-based artist pays great attention to details, meaning that his carvings are more often than not annoyingly realistic.

According to Tree Hugger, Maskull Lasserre mostly makes use of run-of-the-mill objects such as the corner of a door, a knob or the haft of various tools.

“When the remnants of life are imposed on an object, and that’s true especially with the carving work that I do, it infers a past history or a previous life that had been lived, so again where people see my work as macabre, I often see it as hopeful, as the remnants of a life,” Maskull Lasserre explained during one of his most recent press interviews.

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