Spotlight: Alaskan Brewery Uses Beer as Its Energy Source

The Alaskan Brewing Company takes great pride in producing “beer-powered beer”

About two weeks ago, the Alaskan Brewing Company debuted a new technology that allowed it to use beer as an energy source. As the company explains, its working agenda can now be argued to revolve around making beer-powered beer.

Fear not, all ye beer enthusiasts, the company does not use said drink per se as a power source.

Thus, the Alaskan Brewing Company only collects the so-called spent grain which is produced during the beer-making process and turns it into a fuel source for a steam boiler it has recently installed.

“We have the unique honor of brewing craft beer in this stunning and remote place,” explains Alaskan Brewing Co-founder Geoff Larson,” commented with respect to this project Alaskan Brewing Co-Founder Geoff Larson.

The company expects that its using spent grain to produce energy will translate into its having to burn less oil. This will in turn lead to its spending less money on power and to the brewery's ecological footprint being significantly improved.

“Reducing our energy use makes good business sense, and good sense for this beautiful place where we live and play,” Geoff Larson wished to emphasize.

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