Spotlight: Airport in North Carolina Employs 1.9 Million Worms

Their only job is to feed on the waste that gets produced at the airport

Roughly 1.9 million worms now have the Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Caroline listed as their employer.

While working for this airport, the worms only have one job: that of feeding on the organic waste produced here on a daily basis, and help turn it into fertilizer.

To cut a long story short, said airport is now in the business of composting.

The fertilizer produced in this environmentally friendly manner is later on used to treat the facility's flowers and shrubs.

Since four months ago, when this project made its debut, roughly 70% of the waste produced at the Charlotte Douglas Airport was kept from being sent to landfill.

Inhabitat explains that these worms even have their own “office” (i.e. a 50-foot long composting bin), and that, for the time being at least, they seem rather pleased with their choice of career.

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