Spotlight: Afghan Brothers Use Wind Power to Detonate Landmines

Their devices are made from bamboo and biodegradable plastic

Whenever the topic of harvesting wind power comes up in a conversation, most people work on the assumption that the matter at hand is clean energy and ways to produce it.

However, two Afghan brothers have managed to figure out a way of using this power source to detonate hidden landmines.

The devices they build are made from bamboo and biodegradable plastic, which means that their being blown to smithereens by the landmines they deactivate poses no threats to the surrounding environment.

Whoever wishes to use these devices to detonate landmines need only allow them to roll around in war zones. Once they “step” on a mine, their weight detonates it, thus removing the threat.

For the time being, the brothers are looking for potential investors who might help them turn their project into a large-scale one.

Check out the video below for more information and footage of these weird-looking, mine-detonating and green-oriented balls.

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