Spotlight: Adorable Video Shows Why Adopting a Dog Is a Brilliant Idea

Dogs are simply the best of pals, this humorous ad shows

As pointed out time and time again, adopting a dog is far better than buying one from either a puppy mill or a rather dubious breeder.

The video above emphasizes this idea, and shows that adopted pooches are the best of pals, simply because their minds cannot possibly conceive that their owner might be something else other than the coolest creature ever to walk the face of the Earth.

Granted, the video is fairly old, yet there is no denying that the message it conveys is pretty much timeless.

In case you missed it, the driver in this video is in fact getting a speeding ticket, yet it is his dog's funny (and seriously distorted, as some might wish to add) interpretation of the facts that viewers are presented with.

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