Spotlight: 86-Year-Old Great-Grandfather Works as a Paperboy

Bud Shaefer says he's only doing it because he's a big fan of biking

86-year-old Bud Shaefer, who also happens to be a great-grandfather, received a bike as a Christmas present from his kids about four years ago.

Though skeptical at first, Bud decided to give cycling a try, and soon found that he very much enjoyed keeping fit in this manner.

Later on, he got a job as a paperboy, and he now spends most of his time riding the bike and delivering the news to the people living in his community in Minnesota, Tree Hugger reports.

Seeing how paperboys rarely make a lot of money, there are few who can doubt Bud when he says that he has only got this job because he is a big fan of bike-riding and keeping fit by embracing a green lifestyle.

“You try it sometime, you'll like it too,” Bud Shaefer says.

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