Spotify Gains 1.5 Million Facebook Users After Facebook F8

Due to the viral effect of automatic sharing and the requirement to use Facebook accounts

It may have put off quite a lot of users and subscribers, but Spotify's move to align itself with Facebook and even require new users to sign up only with a Facebook account, is paying off, at least in the sense that a lot more people are engaging with Spotify on Facebook and a lot more are linking their Facebook account to the music service.

The Facebook app of the music service has gained 1.5 million new users since F8 and the partnership announcement.

The app peaked at about 3.5 million users prior to a week ago and the F8 developers' conference. It had about three million users for much of September.

Then, usage spiked in a few days following the conference reaching 4.5 million users three days after the announcement. It is now at 5 million monthly active users.

The numbers come from AppData, a service that keeps track of Facebook app usage. The monthly active users figure is derived from the number of people that have run the app, at least once, in the past month.

More telling though is probably the daily active users, the number of people that log into Spotify via Facebook each day. This figure also peaked shortly following the Facebook event, reaching 3.25 million users, but has since fallen back to 1.36 million, about three hundred thousand more than before the conference.

Spotify is now requiring new users to sign up with a Facebook account. It is also asking existing users to link up their accounts, if they haven't already.

Spotify also got a lot of attention since it was present at f8 as well. But perhaps an even bigger boost came from the fact that most of the millions of people using Spotify with Facebook shared any track they listened to with their friends, some of which may have clicked through to listen to the same track themselves.

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