Spot the Differences Music Video Challenge Goes Viral

Significant changes in the background, alone, count as differences

This imaginative clip brings the "spot the differences" print challenge to life, as viewers are prompted to observe irregularities in the clip and call on them. Although it might seem like an easy task, it really isn't.

"Spot the Differences” is the brainchild of actors and viral makers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, known to YouTube users as Rhett & Link.

Body positioning and movement, or changes in choreography, do not count as acceptable differences, makers warn. If you do get it right, however, you could be rewarded with sleeping products.

To help YouTubers out, videomakers made the left and right screen videos available separately, for better viewing.

Studio229 contributed to the making of this extremely visually complex video. A behind the scenes clip is also posted, explaining how the talented creators came to achieve the visual effects in the clip.

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