Spoof Site Mocks Premium Sportswear Brand Rapha

Rapha is all about “Branding the Banal,” the people behind this website argue

Those who are very fond of cycling are probably all too familiar with Rapha, a premium sportswear brand which first hit the market back in 2004.

Seeing how all of Rapha's sporting equipment is a tad too pricey for your average middle-class man or woman, a group known as the Jens Voigt Army has decided to make a spoof website and poke fun at this sportswear's giant marketing campaigns.

The way they see things, Rapha makes cycling sound and look way more pretentious than it really is. Thus, they are virtually making a profit out of “branding the banal.”

As far as they are concerned, there is no need to turn cycling into some sort of a mystical and life-changing experience in order to sell some clothes and sporting equipment.

“Exactly the same as the normal JVA cycling cap. But the picture is in black and white. And the hat is a lot more expensive. Because we believe that the 'laws' of supply and demand are really more like “guidelines” and we can make you demand more if we raise the price,” reads the mock product description of a run-off-the-mill cycling cap.

You can check out this spoof website here.

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