Sperm Art: He Paints Using His Semen!

The British Jordan McKenzie

Art is meant to represent the impossible beyond our imagination. This is beyond the way our imagination regards art, but maybe, in fact, we are conservative and obsolete...

The British Jordan McKenzie, 40, involves in epic auto-sexual orgies for creating a new exhibition, which is the result of his masturbating and ejaculating over the canvas. The artist produces about three works a week. So far, he has produced 55 work of art images through immortalizing its sperm pouring carbon powder over it. After that, McKenzie covers the work with a glass plate (to protect it against flies and other elements).

The fruit of his sexual energy will be available to the public for a month, at the Center for Recent Drawing in Highbury, North London.

Believe it or not, McKenzie's semen art has not induced a stir of appreciation in England, as both conformist and radical categories are rather outraged with these masterworks. And, by now, we have no notice of any buyer.

"All we can do is pray for the artist. The extraordinary thing is that someone actually thought it was art and put it on at his gallery. We are clearly dealing with a very mixed-up person," father Kit Cunningham, of St Etheldredas Church in Clerkenwell, told the Sun.

"Tracy Emin showed her knickers but this is a different thing entirely. I am in favor of almost any form of expression but I do baulk at ejaculating over a piece of paper. Oh please!" said art lover and artist David Gleeson. "Excuse the pun, but it sounds like he's taking the piss," he added.

Still, the artist considers himself a misunderstood.

"This is only the first batch of them. It is a diary of my ejaculations, they are heartfelt and delicate. I hope people will come and see them - not judge them out of hand," said Jordan, previously known to make art works with his "own body".

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