Speculation: Steve Jobs, Obama’s New Chief Technology Officer

Apple's CEO to leave the company for an even better job, rumor says

It is rumored that America isn't losing Steve Jobs, but rather witnessing his move to an even higher position, as Barack Obama's CTO. The US President has appointed pretty much everyone for every position close to him, except a Chief Technology Officer. Apple's CEO, as many will agree, is quite possibly the best man for the job.

Mac Soda has acknowledged that the President of the USA needs “someone who is ahead of the times, a visionary who could guide our technological decisions in the best way possible.”

According to the analysis, “Steve Jobs has proved time and time again that he knows what technology should be like, and that his vision of the future is essentially always correct, when it comes to this field. He would be perfect for the position, because frankly, no one is as much of a genius as he is in this regard,” the author explains.

What lead to the rumor was the fact that Obama has, thus far, announced every other member of his cabinet, except for a Chief Technology Advisor. One can't help but imagine that Steve Jobs' absence at Macworld 2009 has something to do with the possibility of him becoming Obama's CTO. He is also a strong democrat, and a friend of Al Gore. The author of the piece goes as far as suggesting that Macworld attendees will witness a surprise appearance not just of Steve Jobs, but of President Barack Obama and Al Gore too.

Softpedia take: It is believed that the global crisis, coupled with ever lower fossil fuel resources, will lead to a radical change in the way we live. If this rumor is any indication that some change is going to occur, Jacque Fresco, of the Venus Project has some pretty interesting ideas of how it should happen.

Fresco is an industrial designer, author, lecturer, futurist, inventor, and a pioneer in the field of human factors engineering. His designs – including transportation, housing, and even agriculture in a resource-focused society – are very close to those fake Apple ones we keep seeing popping up all over the web, like the iMo. Should Obama consider the Venus Project for the US population, he will need a guy like Jobs overseeing the process.

Of course, even those behind the rumor say this may be rampant speculation. What do you (the readers) think?

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