SpectorSoft Releases SPECTOR 360 7.5, Extends Support to BlackBerry Smartphones

The solution can be used to monitor employees on BlackBerry, Windows and Mac

SpectorSoft, the company that specializes in providing employee monitoring solutions, has released SPECTOR 360 7.5. The latest version of the software allows organizations to monitor and record the activities of their employees, regardless of whether they’re using BlackBerry smartphones or devices running Windows or Mac OS.

The data collected by SPECTOR 360 7.5 enables security teams to quickly identify high-risk behaviors that could lead to data breaches, business disruptions and brand damage.

“Windows dominates the corporate IT environment, Mac is building market share, and according to RIM, 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and over 10 million SMBs use BlackBerry to enable their mobile workforces,” said Jason Judge, CEO of SpectorSoft.

“Organizations that don't have visibility into employee digital behaviors taking place across these leading devices and OSs are at risk of compliance violations and costly data breaches,” Judge added.

“Any enterprise that needs to know, understand and quickly address employee activities taking place across multiple devices and OSs can use SPECTOR 360 to gain immediate visibility into activities and start receiving actionable intelligence that can be used to reduce risk within days of deployment.”

Besides extending SPECTOR 360’s monitoring capabilities to cover BlackBerry smartphones, the 7.5 variant also brings an additional 25 easy-to-read reports, and a feature that allows users to identify certain actions.

Another interesting addition is the “Active-Time Focus,” which allows businesses to determine if employees are actually working in the applications they’ve opened.

“Risk associated with employee digital behavior is forcing businesses to acknowledge that the only way to preserve security is to closely monitor all activities, communications, and information access and sharing that takes place,” said Nick Cavalancia, vice president of marketing, SpectorSoft.

“By adding monitoring for BlackBerry, we are giving our customers unified visibility into activities that take place across the most frequently used computing and mobile platforms, allowing them to improve their security and compliance programs significantly.”

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