Spectacular Saturn Vortex Spotted by NASA

The storm was similar to the earthly Hurricane sandy, scientists say

NASA's Cassini explorer orbiting Saturn spotted a giant whirl swirling on the planet's northern pole on Tuesday, November 27.

Images captured by Cassini show a raging storm reminding the disastrous Hurricane Sandy that Earth itself has recently been devastated by, Live Science reports.

“Cassini's recent excursion into inclined orbits has given mission scientists a vertigo-inducing view of Saturn's polar regions, and what to our wondering eyes has just appeared: roiling storm clouds and a swirling vortex at the center of Saturn's famed northern polar hexagon,” Cassini researchers declared.

Scientists say the phenomenon is habitual for many of the planets in the Solar System and that similar events have previously been noted on Saturn.

“These phenomena mimic what Cassini found at Saturn's south pole a number of years ago,” researchers said.

But however common, the beast still offers a sight worth seeing.

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