Spectacular “Earth as Art” Photos Captured by NASA Satellite

The collection is now provided in a book format: printable and free eBook versions

Breathtaking images captured by NASA satellites and representing our planet as a piece of art, are now available in a book format.

You can either buy the printed version of the book, or find it as a free eBook on the Internet.

“The 158-page book celebrates the aesthetic beauty of Earth in the patterns, shapes, colors and textures of the land, oceans, ice and atmosphere,” NASA officials declared, as cited by Tree Hugger.

“Images include snow-capped mountain peaks in the Himalayas, Arizona's Painted Desert, the Mississippi River Delta spreading into the Gulf of Mexico, a Saharan dune sea in Algeria, and Byrd Glacier in Antarctica.”

The photos were taken two years ago by the Landsat-7-satellite in an attempt to show that our planet is more than just a massive land meant to be explored: it is, above all, an exquisite work of art to be admired.

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