SparkyLinux 3.0 Beta 2 “Annagerman" Is Full of Goodies

The developers have introduced a lot of new important applications

SparkyLinux, a lightweight, fast and simple Linux distribution designed for both old and new computers featuring customized Enlightenment and LXDE desktops, is now at version 3.0 Beta 2.

SparkyLinux 3.0 Beta 2 “Annagerman” system is built on Debian GNU/Linux “Jessie,” just like the previous Beta.

According to the developers, Annagerman is a main-belt asteroid named after the Polish singer Anna German.

This latest version of SparkyLinux has been the perfect opportunity to add a lot of new software, including a very powerful application that will help users back up their systems.

“A new application “SparkyBackup-System” has been added – it’s a tool which can make a copy of SparkyLinux installation, including personal settings of your desktop and will make a bootable iso image which can be burn on a blank CD/DVD disk or copy on USB stick. SparkyBackup is based on Remastersys and Remastersys-Gui,” reads the official announcement.

Highlights of SparkyLinux 3.0 Beta 2:

• The Device Driver Manager application has been added. This is a tool that helps used to install third-party hardware drivers;

• Broadcom drivers can now be installed;

• ndisgtk and ndiswrapper apps have been added;

• SparkyCenter has received numerous bus;

• All packages have been synchronized with Debian testing repos of 17/06/2013.

• Two different desktop managers have been implemented, one is a customized Openbox, and the other one is a light JWM with a traditional look of the desktop;

• The Sparky repositories and a public key have been added;

In order to add the new Sparky repositories, you will have to open a terminal and enter the following commands:

wget -O - | apt-key add -

deb sparky main

# deb sparky dev

apt-get update

A complete list of changes and new features can be found in the official announcement.

Download SparkyLinux 3.0 Beta 2 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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