Spanish Researchers Turn Paper Waste Into Bricks

Their bricks lack mechanical strength, yet the specialists promise to deal with this issue

The journal Fuel Processing Technology recently witnessed the publication of a new study stating that whatever residue and sludge get produced when manufacturing paper on an industrial scale can be used to make bricks.

The method of obtaining these green-oriented bricks was developed by Spanish researchers, and consists in collecting cellulose waste and mixing it with the run-off-the-mill clay typically used in the constructions industry, Environmental Leader explains.

Granted, these waste-based bricks lack mechanical strength, meaning that they cannot be used to build large structures, yet the researchers promise to soon deal with this issue.

Interestingly enough, the waste used when manufacturing them makes the bricks have a low thermal conductivity, which means that they could be quite useful when it comes to cutting down on the amounts of energy usually needed to heat up or cool down a structure.

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