Spanish Researchers Develop “Biological Concrete” to Reduce Pollution

Walls made from this concrete support plant life, freshen up urban air

A team of Spanish researchers working with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya have recently developed a new building material which they refer to as “biological concrete.”

Apparently, this type of concrete contains various chemical compounds that allow it to support plant life. As shown in the picture above, buildings whose walls have been built with the help of this innovative material turn into vertical gardens.

This means that they can help freshen up the air in crowded urban areas, seeing how they suck up the carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen.

Good explains that such living walls are also quite efficient when it comes to insulating indoor spaces, and that this feature is bound to translate into less money being spent on air conditioning and central heating.

For the time being, the biological concrete is not available on the market, but here's hoping.

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