Spanish Government Receives 213 Complaints and 79 Site Closure Requests

This month we may witness the first results of the Spanish Sinde law

The Spanish Sinde anti-piracy law went into effect on March 1 and one month later the country’s Ministry of Culture reports that copyright holders have already filed 213 complaints and demanded that 79 websites should be taken down for violating the legislation.

According to TorrentFreak, the Copyright Commission, the one in charge of receiving and addressing the complaints, will investigate the accusations and decide the fate of the sites.

The commission can dismiss the claims, it can order the site’s termination if it’s hosted in Spain, or it can impose an ISP blockade that will ban Internet users from accessing it, in case it’s hosted abroad.

For the time being, the number of analyzed complaints is unknown, but this month we may start seeing the first results of the Sinde law.

As expected, hacktivists are not taking the news well and some actions on their behalf have already been seen.

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